This article gives a brief overview of learning this ancient martial sport in Manchester. It will guide you on picking the right taekwondo club, the different levels in this sport, and other important information. There is also a piece of brief information on the various taekwondo championships recently held in Manchester, such as the World Taekwondo Championship. Several world-class players such as Jade Jones had participated in this tournament so it is essential to know why Manchester was chosen for this event.

taekwondo in manchester world championship
Taekwondo world championship which is held in Manchester

This article will also talk about how Manchester-based Taekwondo training clubs motivate their players. Like many other sports and games, taekwondo also requires a high degree of motivation and enthusiasm. Read this article further to appreciate how Manchester-based training academies have created a deep talent pool in the city. This hasn’t happened overnight; most of these academies have professional relationships with international bodies like World Taekwondo and this has helped them raise their standards significantly.

Taekwondo training in Manchester

  1. There are more than 10 Taekwondo training centres in the city.
  2. Some of them are Circle Martial Arts, Deden Taekwondo, etc.

You can check out the British Taekwondo Club for your training needs. Located in the UCFB Etihad campus, this training centre is located at the Excel House in the Rowsley area. British Taekwondo’s website contains several pieces of helpful information like tips on picking the right coaches, what kind of food to eat, etc. Another taekwondo training destination is the Manchester Taekwondo Warriors. Located inside the campus of the Manchester Girls High School, this club offers classes for all age groups and genders.

If you’d like to learn taekwondo from the masters themselves, then Shins Academy TKD is probably the right place for you. Here you will be coached by Grand Master T.W Shin who has attained the 9th dan in Black Belt. The website of Shins Academy contains several useful details like upcoming taekwondo events in and around Manchester, coach availability, etc. One of the older taekwondo clubs in Manchester is Stockport Training Club. It has been around for nearly 15 years in Manchester.

Grand Master T.W Shin
Grand Master T.W Shin 9th Dan at World Taekwondo federation

Taekwondo clubs in Manchester

The Mantkd Taekwondo Training Academy in the Old Trafford Sports Barn is a great place for young children and adults. Mantkd is a member of British Taekwondo and is also affiliated with World Taekwondo. As such, this club enjoys a lot of reputation in Manchester. If you would like to start a club in your community, you may contact this organization for support and necessary training. The Didsbury Martial Arts Academy promises to bring massive changes in the personality of the trainee.

  • Contact one of these academies to start a club in your community.
  • Some clubs bring massive changes in the personality of the trainee very quickly.

Some parents would like to get a few free lessons before registering themselves. The Circle Martial Arts Centre on Newton Street lets new users try out its services for free. And that’s not all, this training club also offers personalized services to some of its members. If you are a beginner, you may like to join one of the classes in this training club. Another good taekwondo training club is the UKTC Martial Arts Centre at Urmston.

Most taekwondo training schools insist that this martial art is not just for children. You can learn this sport even if you are 40, 50 or 60 years of age. All you need is perseverance and discipline. Kids from 5 years onward can join any taekwondo programme in the city. The advantage of starting early is that your body is elastic and you are full of enthusiasm. If you want to become a world champion, you need to start as early as possible.

taekwondo in manchester
ManTkd training academy

Taekwondo clubs in Manchester

  • Most trainers are Black Belts
  • Most clubs are affiliated with international bodies

Almost every club in Manchester has Black Belt trainers. When you train with them, you appreciate the finer aspects of the sport. Another highlight of these clubs is they are professionally connected with international taekwondo organizations like the World Taekwondo. This means that these clubs follow the same protocols, rules, and procedures that other clubs around the world do. So when you enrol in any Manchester club, you are on the way to becoming an international athlete.

Enrolling in a Manchester-based taekwondo club has other benefits too. For example, your club would tell you about all the important events happening all over the world. If you are doing very well, you may be nominated to participate in one of those events. These clubs also know how to manage sports injuries. Thanks to these clubs, Manchester now has a very deep talent pool of taekwondo professionals. In 2019, the World Taekwondo Federation organized its world championship in Manchester precisely for this reason.

  • Manchester-based clubs have set very high standards for themselves.
  • These clubs also know how to manage sports injuries.

When you join a taekwondo training club in Manchester, you are also given the right advice on what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. There’s a special diet for people training taekwondo. Since this sport drains your energy quickly, you need to take high-protein diets that keep your energy levels high. Another thing that you need to train is motivation and mental strength. If you have joined the right club, you will never be short on motivation.