Taekwondo is a martial art that is characterized by its attire and known across the globe. These items of clothing encompass both white and black belts wrapped around the waist. Therefore, one must learn how to tie the belt correctly, as this feature demonstrates the disciplinary aspect of the martial art. The belt should be neither too tight nor too loose, as this will hinder you from training effectively.

There are two popular methods of tying belts in Taekwondo; namely, the single-wrap and double-wrap methods. As a Taekwondo trainee, you should enfold the entire belt around your waist, below your navel. The ends should be handled with care to keep them clean. Many Taekwondo schools have adopted the single-wrap method over the double-wrap method. However, trainers have preferences for each process; therefore, either of the methods may be used.

Tying Taekwondo Belt: Single-Wrap Method

  1. Tying a modern single-wrap method
  2. Tying a traditional double-wrap method

Tying the knots of the belt requires one to identify the balance. You must ensure that the belt hangs evenly when held in the middle and suspended. This act is associated with a balance of life. It is a deed that symbolizes the connection between the technical, spiritual, and physical entities of a human being. Also, wrapping is associated with the belief that one can give and receive.

The number of knots determines the character of the trainee. The double-wrap method is a traditional way of tying belts where the trainee ties twice around the waist. The presence of multiple tie knots when fastening Taekwondo belts is attached to personal meaning. For instance, if you tie twice, it means that you are loyal to many masters, you have many goals, and wins in many blows.

How To Tie Belt Using Modern Single-Wrap Method

You must be wondering what this modern method of wrapping the Taekwondo belt is all about. Do not worry, because this simple guide will help you understand the processes. Firstly, identify the centre by folding the belt, and ensure that you mark the centre and keep the lengths of both ends the same. Position the centre of the belt below your navel and slide one hand along its length.

  • Identifying the centre of the belt
  • Using both hands to tighten the belt

Secondly, wrap the two ends of your belt around the waist while sliding your hands outwards and towards your back. Ensure that you maintain the centre of the belt below your navel. Cross both ends so that one end crosses to the left side while the other to the right side. Carefully adjust the belt ends and make sure to keep equal lengths on both sides.

Thirdly, guide the ends of your belt such that one end passes beneath the wrapped section while the other goes above it. This style leads to the formation of a half-square knot. Pass the tip at the top to the bottom, and slip them through a hole while pulling. Cross the ends until the two square-knot halves are complete. Lastly, tighten the knot by pulling both ends in opposite directions.

How To Tie Belt Using Traditional Double-Wrap Method

  • Position of the belt
  • Handling the ends of the belt

Put one end of your belt at the bottom of your stomach, and ensure that it lies below the navel. The tip of the belt should be on your hip. Note: if you are left-handed, place the more extended tip of the Taekwondo belt on your left hip and vice versa. Pull the strap across your back and around your waist. Repeat the procedure once more and ensure the belt is perfectly layered.

Continue guiding the loose end and hold it in front of you. Take the end, pass it under the two layers and pull it out at the top. Using the other arm, loosen the tips behind the layer and adjust the tip of the belt so that they are equal. To tie a knot, pass the end at the top over the other and pull. Finally, tug the ends to avoid loosening.

  • Any rank marking on your belt should be hanging on your right-hand side
  • When the belt loosens, you have no alternative but to undo it and tie it properly from the start

Tying the Taekwondo belt can be hard for beginners who have not had a chance to practice yet. However, it becomes very easy if you adhere to the instructions and follow the procedures step-by-step. You can choose to use the modern single-wrap method or traditional double-wrap method, depending on your preferences. Follow the procedures provided and practice in order to perfect your skills in tying the belt.