Mr Lear in the MAI Black Belt Hall of Fame

AwardOn Sunday 24th April Mr Lear travelled up to Burton on Trent in Staffordshire for the Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) Black Belt Hall of Fame awards.
Mr Lear is now in his 20th year of running Vision TKD in England and was nominated for an award at the annual event. He was presented with a plaque and belt by the editor of MAI magazine Mr Bob Sykes and inducted into the MAI Black Belt Hall of Fame.
In his speech Mr Lear thanked his wife Ellie for all her support over the years and also thanked the boy who bullied him at the age of 15yrs back in the 80’s, without whom he would not have got involved in the Martial Arts.
The ceremony had many well known faces from the world of Martial Arts including Mr Lear’s old England team mate from the late 90’s Mr Silvio Simac who is now a well known Martial Arts movie star and freestyle fighting legend Mr Alfie Lewis.
sykes simac lewis
Mr Lear said “it’s an honour to be recognised outside of the ITF Taekwon-Do community and I look forward to continuing our celebrations during this 20th year of Vision TKD. I have many people to thank for my development over the years, however everything starts with one man, one Master, that’s Senior Master Tan, thank you sir”.
awardYou can still purchase tickets for the anniversary party that takes place on Saturday 14th May by emailing
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English Open Results

We only sent a small team to the English Open this year but they came away with lots of medals. Well done everyone!

Name Age School Belt Pats Spar Power or Spec
Sam Peacock 11 Aldershot Yellow SILVER
Alarnie Yeomans 16 Aldershot Red GOLD SILVER
Sam Dauncey 15 Aldershot Blue SILVER GOLD
Barnabas Zengo 12 Aldershot Yellow BRONZE
Sonny Wood 7 Alton Yellow BRONZE
Reuben Gilbert 10 Alton Yellow BRONZE BRONZE
James Troughton 12 Alton Green GOLD
Melanie Lusted Adult Alton Yellow GOLD SILVER
Cian Hosking 13 Alton Red BRONZE BRONZE SILVER
Tom James 9 Alton Yellow BRONZE
Oliver Adams 7 Fleet Yellow GOLD
Owen Sellen 9 Guildford Yellow BRONZE BRONZE
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Vision Competition Results

On the 6th February, Vision Taekwon-Do Association hosted it’s annual championships in Tonbridge. However, this year was a different as VTA are hosting three competitions this year. The first one was organised by Mr Dunn at the Angel Centre.

There were 198 competitors taking part from 14 clubs. FULL RESULTS

Many thanks to all the officials for helping make the day such a success.

Here is the school standings.


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Open Dutch Results

The Vision team did really well at the Open Dutch Championships. Here are the results and photos.

Reuban bronze patterns
Ellie bronze patterns
Tim bronze sparring
Maxim silver sparring
Peter bronze sparring silver patterns
Otis gold sparring bronze patterns
Izzie gold patterns bronze sparring
Chorlene bronze patterns
Thicome gold sparring
Katie silver patterns silver sparring
Evie silver sparring
Anna silver sparring
Isabella bronze sparring
Ethan bronze sparring
Tom silver patterns
Jamie silver sparring

Thanks to Mr Dunn, Mr Adams, Mr Thompson, Mr Kong, Mrs Fox-Longdon and Mr Arroyo for coaching and Mr Lear, Mr Bourne and Mr Fox-Longdon for refereeing and all the parents and supporters for travelling a long way.

24-Jan-2016 12:16
24-Jan-2016 12:11
24-Jan-2016 11:07
24-Jan-2016 10:39
27-Jul-2013 05:07
27-Jul-2013 05:07
27-Jul-2013 05:09
27-Jul-2013 05:27
27-Jul-2013 04:54
27-Jul-2013 04:53
27-Jul-2013 04:48
27-Jul-2013 03:46
27-Jul-2013 04:59
27-Jul-2013 05:00
27-Jul-2013 05:01
27-Jul-2013 05:01
27-Jul-2013 10:29
27-Jul-2013 09:37
27-Jul-2013 08:46
27-Jul-2013 06:06
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Otis wins The Courier South East Sports Award


On Monday evening Otis Waghorn attended the finals of the South East Sports Award ceremony at the Lingfield Park hotel. It was a packed out venue with hundreds of guests and nominees from all over the south-east and across a wide range of sports including football, rugby, cricket, gymnastics, rowing, motorsports, and athletics. After a great meal and speeches from successful sports stars the presentations began. Each category was called up and the presenter said a few lines about each nominee to accompany projected slides. 

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Tunbridge Wells Grading

In November Vision Tunbridge Wells held it’s colour belt gradings. The first part of the day was the 3-6 years grading with 29 kids taking part. The afternoon was the Taekwon-Do grading for 7 years and above. There were 23 Tunbridge Wells students and 6 Weald students that were promoted to the next belt. Mr Thompson was the examiner with Mr Hutcheson, Miss Ware and Mrs Budd assisting.

You can see photos on the Tunbridge Wells website.

tunbridge wells tkd

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