Kids Taekwon-Do

3-6 years

strongest5Vision TKD offer a vareity of courses for children as young as 3. All of the courses teach life skills and danger awareness course, based around Taekwon-Do. Both ITF Kids Program and TKD Tigers do not teach the children how to hurt others but through fun activities and role playing games, the children learn how to deal with Strangers, Bullies, Emergencies and Day-to-Day dangers, building their self awareness and confidence at every stage.

TKD-Tigers-004Different schools within the association offer different courses. Please contact the individual instructors to find out more details on which courses they provide.

At the end of each term each school conducts a grading which gives the children the chance to show off what they have learnt and earn the next grade, badge and certificate.

7 and above

competitionThe children’s class for 7 years and above is ideal for kids requiring “personal life skills” including Self Discipline, Confidence, Goal setting and Respect. Our classes are a great way for your child to release extra energy in a safe, fun and constructive way.

As well as learning to kick and punch in a controlled environment, your child will benifit from our professional attitiude and positive
role models. Martial arts training can be an essential part of your child’s development, helping to prepare them for real life .


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