Seminar with Tomaz Barada

baradaOn the 23rd and 24th September, VTA hosted it’s annual guest seminar.┬áThis year we were honoured to have 6 times European Champion and 3 times World Champion, Tomaz Barada. Mr Barada is one of the true legends of ITF Taekwon-Do as well as undefeated in WAKO kickboxing.

The day was split into 3 sessions. The first was for 12 years and under. Mr Barada worked the kids hard with lots of movement games before progressing to sparring drills with safety equipment. He then finished off by sparring each child individually and then whole groups with the parents cheering on.

bar barada kids





The second session for for the older kids and colour belt adults. The warm up was again based on lots of sparring movements and the students were sweating buckets within minutes.

The final session was three hours for the black belts and above. The students were quickly put through their paces with sparring drills, working on attacking, defending and switching between the two. By the end of the three hours everyone was exhausted but buzzing. It was a great turn out all day, with masters and national team coaches present.

The senior instructors then took Mr Barada out for dinner in Tunbridge Wells and discussed lots of aspects of teaching Taekwon-Do classes. Then on the Sunday there was a special coaches session with Mr Barada. He explained his principles for teaching sparring and the group practised the drills. We then spent time discussing how to prepare athletes, how to train for specific situations and structuring the training.





All of the feedback from parents and students was excellent. Mr Barada lived up to his nickname “the Machine” as he worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone enjoyed the occasion, never taking a break or food. It was very pleasing when he said the he was so happy with the standard of the children, as it was very high.

coachesThanks to Mr Barada for teaching all weekend! We hope to see everyone at next year’s seminar in September.

Photos courtesy of Martyn Rowe and Mr Thompson, full gallery here.


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