Master Cooley Seminar

img_4655On the 24th September VTA hosted it’s annual guest seminar. This year we were honoured to have Irish National  Coach Master Stephen Cooley. Master Cooley is responsible for developing the Irish national team in to one of the most successful teams at the World Championships.

14480487_1275489002496548_4405976268480296414_oThe day was split into 3 sessions. The first was for 12 years and under. Master Cooley had the students perform lots of movement exercises, working on biomechanics and primal movements. The session was very different to anything that they had done before and it was great to see that all the kids (and parents) were hanging on the Irish coach’s every word. Of particular interest was Master Cooley’s use of music during the session to help concentration.

The second session for for the older kids and colour belt adults. The warm up was fast and furious and involved lots of footwork and plyometric exercises.  They then moved on to lots of sparring drills before an interesting burpee exercise to the ACDC song Thunderstrike.


The final session was three hours for the black tags and above. Again the focus was on footwork and movement. The students used hoops to practice footwork and balance before doing drills on the kickshields. Then the last hour was sparring drills, each one building on the next.

All the feedback at the end was very positive. Everyone enjoyed Master Cooley’s methods and drills and lots of the parents commented on how excellent the day was.

The senior instructors then took Master Cooley out for dinner in Tunbridge Wells and discussed lots of aspects of teaching Taekwon-Do classes.

Photos courtesy of Martyn Rowe, Mr Lear and Mr Thompson, full gallery here.


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