Vision Competition Redhill Results

medalsOn the 17th July Vision hosted its second Championships of the year. This is the 2nd of 3 competitions that we are running this year and not only is this the first time that we are doing multiple competitions but it is also the first time that we have used a new electronic scoring system. It there was an amazing turnout with 191 competitors across 81 divisions. And all divisions were leagues so everyone got many goes. 

Many thanks to Mr Dunn and Mr Wood for running the day, to all the referees who gave up their time and to all the supporters for coming and making it so successful.

Special thanks to Master Hewlett for doing the first aid and we are very proud to announce that we had NO major injuries at all.

You can see the club classifications below and download the overall results here.

The results website is here. You can access the photos taken here (from lots of sources).



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