Vision Seminar

On the 14th May Vision Taekwon-Do hosted its annual seminar, which is free to members. This year was extra special as it was the 20 year anniversary of Vision TKD starting in England.

This was the biggest seminar to date with 180 participants taking part. The kids had 4 forty-five minute sessions from 10am-1pm. They covered pre-arranged sparring with Mr Lear, self defence with Mr Turner, flying kicks with Mr Dunn and sparring with Mr Arroyo. The adults had an even longer day, starting with kicking with Mr Thompson, pre-arranged sparring with Mr Lear, self defence with Mr Bourne and boxing with Mr Dunn. Then after lunch they continued with breaking with Mr Edmunds and then sparring with Mr Dan Lobley, Mr Tim Lobley, Mr Davies and Mr Kong. After 5 hours of training the colour belts went home but the black belts continued for another hour. Mr Arroyo took the 1st and 2nd degrees and Mr Lear and Master Hewlett took the 3rd-5th degrees through patterns.

It was a long, tough day but all the feedback has been great so far as everyone had lots of fun.

You can view the photos here

IMG_1586 IMG_1922

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