Medals from the Euros and AETF congress

vision teamVision had 5 competitors selected to represent England at the European Championships in Tampere, Finland (Steven Arroyo, Tim Lobley, Tom Davies, Maxim Boyce-Davies and Peter Morris).

Many congratulations to Tim Lobley and Peter Morris who were part of the junior male patterns team that won silver medals.

medalsThanks also to Master Chesterman for umpiring all week, Mr Lear (England team manager) and Mr Adams and Mr Thompson (England coaches).

At the AETF voting Congress that took place on Friday 29th April Mr Lear was voted back on the AETF Board of Directors for a 3rd term. He was first voted onto the Board back in 2008 and has since been working for the AETF with 5 other Board members from all over Europe.


You can see the photos here.


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