Mr Lear in the MAI Black Belt Hall of Fame

AwardOn Sunday 24th April Mr Lear travelled up to Burton on Trent in Staffordshire for the Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) Black Belt Hall of Fame awards.
Mr Lear is now in his 20th year of running Vision TKD in England and was nominated for an award at the annual event. He was presented with a plaque and belt by the editor of MAI magazine Mr Bob Sykes and inducted into the MAI Black Belt Hall of Fame.
In his speech Mr Lear thanked his wife Ellie for all her support over the years and also thanked the boy who bullied him at the age of 15yrs back in the 80’s, without whom he would not have got involved in the Martial Arts.
The ceremony had many well known faces from the world of Martial Arts including Mr Lear’s old England team mate from the late 90’s Mr Silvio Simac who is now a well known Martial Arts movie star and freestyle fighting legend Mr Alfie Lewis.
sykes simac lewis
Mr Lear said “it’s an honour to be recognised outside of the ITF Taekwon-Do community and I look forward to continuing our celebrations during this 20th year of Vision TKD. I have many people to thank for my development over the years, however everything starts with one man, one Master, that’s Senior Master Tan, thank you sir”.
awardYou can still purchase tickets for the anniversary party that takes place on Saturday 14th May by emailing
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