Open Dutch Results

The Vision team did really well at the Open Dutch Championships. Here are the results and photos.

Reuban bronze patterns
Ellie bronze patterns
Tim bronze sparring
Maxim silver sparring
Peter bronze sparring silver patterns
Otis gold sparring bronze patterns
Izzie gold patterns bronze sparring
Chorlene bronze patterns
Thicome gold sparring
Katie silver patterns silver sparring
Evie silver sparring
Anna silver sparring
Isabella bronze sparring
Ethan bronze sparring
Tom silver patterns
Jamie silver sparring

Thanks to Mr Dunn, Mr Adams, Mr Thompson, Mr Kong, Mrs Fox-Longdon and Mr Arroyo for coaching and Mr Lear, Mr Bourne and Mr Fox-Longdon for refereeing and all the parents and supporters for travelling a long way.

24-Jan-2016 12:16
24-Jan-2016 12:11
24-Jan-2016 11:07
24-Jan-2016 10:39
27-Jul-2013 05:07
27-Jul-2013 05:07
27-Jul-2013 05:09
27-Jul-2013 05:27
27-Jul-2013 04:54
27-Jul-2013 04:53
27-Jul-2013 04:48
27-Jul-2013 03:46
27-Jul-2013 04:59
27-Jul-2013 05:00
27-Jul-2013 05:01
27-Jul-2013 05:01
27-Jul-2013 10:29
27-Jul-2013 09:37
27-Jul-2013 08:46
27-Jul-2013 06:06
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