Alton, Aldershot and Guildford gradings

Members of Visions Alton, Aldershot and Guildford Schools recently attended a testing for 10th to 5th kups on the 29th November 2015, and the following people received promotions…

  • James Troughton 5th Kup
  • Ella Barker 6th Kup
  • Oliver Arkell  7th kup
  • Yrich Viceda 7th kup
  • Reuben Gilbert 7th kup
  • Cerys Janaway 7th kup
  • Christian Mirandeh 7th kup
  • James Myers 8th kup
  • Sam Peacock 8th kup
  • Sam collyer 8th kup
  • Ryan Davison 8th kup
  • Melanie Lusted 8th kup (“A Pass” )
  • Melvyn Brine
  • Joshua Costelo
  • Jasmine Costelo
  • Sunil Thomas
  • Euan Miller Cook

The examiner for the day was Mr Paul Adams, 5th degree.

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