Black belt test

On the 27th June Vision Taekwon-Do Association held a black belt test. The panel included Mr Dunn, Mr Adams and Mr Thompson with Mr Robinson assisting.

The students were being tested for 1st and 2nd Degree black belt.  They were all put through a gruelling test by the examiners, which lasted the whole day. All the candidates firstly had to answer in depth theory questions at the examiners table covering all different elements of Taekwon-Do including, significant dates, patterns, Korean terminology, hand and foot tools, theory of power to name but a few.

After a brief break the students had a chance to prepare themselves for the practical test ahead. Several hours of practical testing involving the following elements: kicking combinations, patterns, 1 step, 2 step and 3 step sparring, self defence and situational defence, free sparring, 2v1 sparring, stick defence and extensive power breaking including several jumping techniques and brick breaking for black belts.

RobertCongratulations to the following students who were promoted:

Passed to 2nd Degree – Robert Kearn

Passed to 1st Degree – Isobel Eason Warner, Peter Rickards and Peter Morris

izzie PeterPeter2

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