Holland Cup report

eng tkdMr Lear took 5 members of Vision TKD to the Holland Cup in Delft over the weekend. The tournament was on the 60th birthday of Taekwon-Do and had some exhibition matches between England and the Netherlands.

The day started with Luke Thompson getting a bronze in the 4th degree + patterns. Shortly followed by Tim Lobley securing a bronze medal in the middleweight junior black belt sparring. Next up Laura Fox-Longdon fought well in the middle weight senior female sparring and won the sliver medal. After a long wait Maxim Boyce-Davies won a bronze in sparring and Luke won a gold in sparring. Next up was the team events, where some of the Vision team represented England.

luke gold teams

Luke was part of the silver medal winning patterns team, Laura helped the women’s team win silver in team sparring and Dan Lobley helped the male team get a bronze in team sparring with some excellent fights.

Tim Lobley also featured in the exhibition matches for England performing 2nd degree patterns.

It was a great weekend and some excellent performances from those preparing for the World Championships in Italy in May. Many thanks to Mr Lear for coaching and to the other members of ITF England who helped with coaching and thanks to Mr Kool and Mr De Vries for inviting us and hosting such a great competition.
Next up is the Vision TKD competition on the 9th May!

vision team

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