English Open results

On the 21st and 22nd March, Vision TKD took several schools to the English Open competition in Guildford. Below are some of the results.

Vision Academy
Otis Waghorn Gold Sparring, Gold Special Technique
Chorlene Biron-Monnier Gold 1st Degree Pattern, Bronze Sparring
Thicome Biron-Monnier Gold Sparring
Dan Lobley Silver sparring
Tim Lobley Gold Sparring
Zac Judah Silver Special Technique, Bronze Sparring
Elliot Lister Silver 1st Degree Pattern, Bronze Sparring
Nick Edmunds Silver Power Test
Casey Brett Gold Sparring, Gold Special Technique
Will Burn Gold Pattern, Gold Special Technique
Katya Flatman Gold Sparring, Silver Pattern
Holly Austen Gold Sparring
Ethan Stopps Gold Sparring
Ellena Lobley Gold Sparring
Lewis Brett Gold Sparring
Mike Rutherford Gold Sparring
Simeon Cygler Silver Sparring, Silver Special Technique
Danny Rutherford Silver Special Technique, Bronze Sparring
Ryan McCourt Silver Sparring
Leon Elliot Silver Sparring
Tamsin Jermyn Silver Sparring
Mitchell Saunders Silver Sparring
James McCourt Silver Sparring
Thomas Ballard Silver Sparring
Debbis Jermyn Silver Sparring
Chloe Anderson Bronze Pattern, Bronze Sparring
Poppy Talbot Bronze Sparring
Alexandra Earl Bronze Sparring
Roman Binedell Bronze Sparring

Learn TKD
Eoin Hosking – silver sparring and silver patterns
Cian Hosking – bronze sparring
Laura Fox Longdon – gold sparring and silver power
Ian kelly – silver patterns
Gavin Heffernan – silver sparring
Peter Morris – gold sparring and bronze patterns
George Doran – gold sparring
Christian Fattore – silver sparring
Alarnie Yeomans – gold sparring and silver patterns
Ali Morris – bronze pats
Owen Sellen – gold sparring
Max sellen – bronze sparring
Tyler Edwards Jupe – silver patterns
Ella Barker – bronze sparring and bronze patterns

Tunbridge Wells TKD
Laurence Holmans – bronze sparring

Martyn Rowe – Bronze Sparring, Bronze Patterns
Ashani Patel – Gold Sparring, Silver Patterns
Peter Rickards – Silver Sparring
Katie Moon – Gold Sparring
Isobel Eason-Warner – Bronze Special Technique
Evie Eason-Warner – Gold Sparring
Isabella Wessels – Gold Sparring
Kathryn Jones – Bronze Sparring
Louie Slavik – Bronze Sparring, Bronze Patterns
Emma Wessels – Bronze Sparring, Silver Patterns
James Barlow – Bronze Sparring
Mackaye Crawford – Bronze Sparring
Mohammed Adi – Bronze Sparring

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