VTA Instructors attend International Umpire Course

FullSizeRender (1)Three of VTA’s senior instructors attended the recent International Umpire Course in Budapest on 14th and 15th February. Master Chesterman, Mr Adams and Mr Gibb travelled to Hungary to qualify or re-qualify as international umpires at the ITF’s 2015 European IUC.

The IUC was run by Master Alberto Katz (Chairman of the ITF Umpire Committee) and Master Harry Vones (Member of the ITF Tournament Committee), with input also from Grandmaster Bos and Master Gordon Wallace.
FullSizeRender (4)Around 150 people from across the continent attended the course, which was run as a workshop, allowing discussion and input from all attendees. The first session covered the amendments to the tournament and umpire rules, with the Masters answering questions and providing clarification on areas of uncertainty. The second session covered patterns umpiring, with videos being used to assess technical detail and scoring. The third session looked at sparring, with all attendees getting to practise centre refereeing and corner judging. The following day saw the power test, special technique and traditional sparring covered.
VTA has several international umpires, and this latest IUC has allowed VTA’s knowledge of umpiring to be expanded. VTA will run an Umpire Course for Black Tags and above on Saturday 2nd May at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge.
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