Vision Seminar 2015

punchVTA held its annual seminar on Saturday 7th February at the Warwick School in Redhill. Free to all VTA members, this is the ninth time the seminar has been held. Usually containing three sessions each for the adults and children, spread over three hours, this time the adults’ seminar was extended to six hours.

IMG_7439After introductions from Mr Lear and Mr Gibb, the adults and children started their first sessions in separate halls, with Mr Thompson taking the adults through flying kicks and Mr Lear taking the children through sparring. The adults second session saw Mr Gibb teaching   nine different realistic applications for the “Upward Elbow Strike”. The children’s next two sessions saw Master Chesterman teaching arm locks followed by Mr Thompson teaching flying kicks.
The adults and children the reconvened in the same hall for a group photo, before the children went home and the adults had a lunch break.
IMG_0905 IMG_0953
self defenceThe first afternoon session for the adults saw patterns practise taught by Mr Lear, but patterns with a twist. For example, flowing patterns performed without pausing, backwards patterns, and patterns in a box. The final session of the day was taught by Dan and Tim Lobley and Josh Wadey, who took everyone through some sparring drills.
A good time was had by all, and everybody learned some new stuff, including the instructors. The tenth annual seminar will be held in February 2016.
For more photos check out the gallery or Google page. Photos from many sources – thanks to all.
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