PUMA British Open

10963918_1399596847018245_2031033264_nVision took a small team to the PUMA British Open in Swindon on the 21st and 22nd February. Below are the results.

Luke Thompson – Silver in patterns
Tim Lobley – Gold Pattern and Gold Sparring
Chorlene Biron-Monnier – Bronze Pattern and Bronze Sparring
Dan Lobley – Bronze Sparring
Maxim Boyce Davies – Gold in patterns and silver in Sparring
Laura Fox Longdon – Gold in Sparring and gold in Power
Luke Warner – Bronze in patterns
Jade Wilson – Bronze in Sparring and bronze in patterns
Jake Rutherford – Gold Sparring
Otis Waghorn – Bronze Pattern and Bronze Sparring
Thicome Biron-Monnier – Silver Pattern and Silver Sparring
Nathan Higgins – Gold Pattern and Gold Sparring
Ellena Lobley – Gold Sparring
Mike Rutherford – Gold Sparring
George McIlvenny – Gold Pattern and Silver Sparring
Tamsin Jermyn – Bronze Sparring
Martyn Rowe – Gold in Patterns, Silver in Sparring.
Wendy Rowe – Bronze in Patterns
Ashani Patel – Bronze in Patterns, Silver in Sparring
Peter Rickards – Gold In a Sparring
Siyan Patel – Silver in Sparring
George Rowe – Silver in Sparring
Katie Moon – Silver in Patterns, Gold in Sparring
Isobel Eason-Warner – Silver in Sparring
Isabella Wessels – Silver in Sparring
Bishr Bourghli – Silver in Sparring
Emma Wessels – Bronze in Sparring
Eoin Hosking – Gold in Sparring Peter Morris – Silver in Sparring and Silver in Patterns
Cian Hosking – Bronze in Sparring and Bronze in patterns

You can see lots of photos of the students on the medal podium on the Vision Facebook page.

Many thanks to the coaches Mr Adams, Mr Dunn, Mr Thompson, Mr Arroyo and Ed Weston and to the referees Mr Gibb, Mr, Longdon, Mr Boyce-Davies and Mr Smith.

Thanks to PUMA and Master Gayle for inviting us and running a very friendly and prompt competition.

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