Mr Arroyo at the WKU Worlds

On the 25th-30th of August the WKU worlds were held at the Radisson blu hotel just by Heathrow airport with over 1500 competitors from 70 countries.
Stuart Arroyo was part of the England kickboxing team taking part in the -60kg events for point sparring and light continuous sparring and also ITF Pattern. From Monday to Thursday the preliminary rounds were held.

ArroyoIn the point sparring Mr Arroyo comfortably made it through to the semi finals using a mixture of flying punches and sidekicks both offensive and defensive, unfortunately he was beaten by 2 points in the last few seconds of the semi final by the Welsh silver medalist. Next up was the prelims for the light continuous sparring clearly winning until the semi finals, In the semi final he secured a split descision victory over his tough Lebonese oponent assuring a place in the finals. The next event was the Patterns. Mr Arroyo advanced through several rounds also making it to the final in this event, however was knocked out of the event by the gold medalist Ben England from MWTA.

Saturday was the day for the light continuous sparring finals and after a pretty tough 4 minutes he won the event starting a record gold medal haul for WKU England.
The English team went on to win every division that had a competitor in it for the light con, including all team events. This made it the best result to date for the English kickboxing team.
Mr Arroyo came home with a medal of each colour, bronze, silver and gold. This is an achievement he is very proud of considering his lung injury just over a year ago.

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