Fareham News: Colour-Belt Promotions and a Farewell

Three students were promoted at the recent colour-belt test in Fareham on Monday 18th August:
– Adam Gaunt was promoted to 1st grade (black tag)
– Paul Gray was promoted to 4th grade (blue belt)
– Hannah Byron was promoted to 8th grade (yellow belt)

They were put through their paces in various aspects of TKD, with Adam’s test lasting well over an hour. They each demonstrated patterns, self-defence, power test, step sparring, free sparring and theory, and all performed very well, showing how they had developed and improved and were therefore ready for the next belt. Congratulations to all three!
Fareham ClassWednesday 27th August was the last TKD session in Fareham for Jemma Wells and Dan Thomas. Members of ACE TKD, they started training in Fareham about 18 months ago, shortly after moving to Portsmouth. Miss Wells was a 3rd dan when she joined and leaves as a 4th dan, after being promoted by Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha in October last year, and Mr Thomas is being tested by GM Rhee for his 3rd dan in just over a week. Their final session was punishing, with a long and hard warm-up, followed by sparring drills, several rounds of free sparring, a round each of 2v1 sparring, and they then each had to perform all three of their degree patterns in front of the class. The class finished with Mr Gibb presenting them each with a small gift, followed by a class photo, and finally everyone enjoyed some tasty cake. They move to Cyprus in the next few weeks, so best of luck to both of them, and they’re always welcome to come back and train in Fareham or in any club within VTA.
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