London Open Results

On the 13th July many Vision students went to the London Open in Guildford. Below are the results of Mr Dunn’s students:

Isobel Eason-Warner – Gold in Red/Black Sparring and Bronze in Red Patterns.

Evie Eason-Warner – Silver in Blue Patterns and Bronze in Blue Sparring.
Hunter Eastoe – Bronze in Y/G Sparring.
Lachlan Eastoe – Bronze in Special Technique
Amy Rowe – Gold in Blue Sparring.
George Rowe – Silver in Red Patterns, Bronze in R/BL Sparring and Bronze in Special Technique.
Anna Wessels – Gold in R/BL Sparring.
Isabella Wessels – Silver in Blue Sparring.
Emma Wessels – Bronze in Blue Sparring.
Katie Moon – Bronze in R/BL Sparring.
Martyn Rowe – Gold in Veteran Patterns, Silver in Veteran Sparring.
Wendy Rowe – Bronze in Veteran Patterns.
4 Gold, 4 Silver, 9 Bronze

Many thanks to Mr Lear, Mr Dunn, Mr Arroyo and Mr Thompson for coaching.


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