Vision TKD Seminar

On the 8th February the Vision Taekwon-Do Association held it’s 8th Annual Seminar in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The seminar is free for the association’s members and is always well attended. Each year instructors try to cover various parts of Taekwon-Do, often elements that are not covered too often in classes.¬†

mms_20140209This year was no exception as 120 students took part in the 3 hour seminar and covered power breaking, pain strikes, correct defensive tools, traditional sparring, sport sparring and kicking speed and leg recovery. The seminar was divided into  children and adults and each group had three 1 hour sessions. The children started off with a fun warm up and then Mr Chris Scoins (2nd degree) taught correct defensive techniques and application. After a quick break Mr Dunn (5th degree) and Mr Thompson (5th degree) taught a traditional sparring session and all the children got to create exciting and fun routines. To finish off Mr Thompson covered sport sparring with the kids, who seemed to all love beating the instructors up at the end.

20140208_160736The adult sessions started with Mr Nick Edmunds (1st degree and World Cup breaking champion) and Mr Thompson covering competition breaking. Then Mr Bourne (4th degree) taught some close quarter combat techniques and pain strikes. In the final session Mr Dunn worked on kicking speed and leg recovery.

The local Tunbridge Wells instructor Mr Thompson said “the seminar was great fun and really well supported by all the clubs in the association. I can’t wait for next year!”

Many thanks to all the students who attended and to the instructors: Mr Tim Dunn, Mr Luke Thompson, Mr Stephen Bourne, Mr Chris Scoins, Mr Nick Edmunds and the assistants: Mr Martin Hewlett, Mr Matt Gibb and Ms Katinka Blauw.


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