Vision seminar


On Saturday 16th February over 140 Vision students arrived at the Tunbridge Wells Leisure Centre ready for the VTA’s annual seminar. Some students arrived coming from as far away as Barnstaple. Students from many VTA schools turned up and were waiting for this exciting opportunity to train with the VTA instructors.

It was a great atmosphere right from the off as students lined the corridors outside the training hall waiting to be let in. Once this happened everyone lined up, kids on one side and the adults on the other. Once everyone had bowed and the Instructors were introduced the sessions got started straight away.

DSC_2137As a specialist in close quarter combat, Mr Bourne’s session concentrated on low striking, close quarter hip-throws, various takedowns, defence from mount and side mount position, submissions and restraints. All the students enjoyed learning these new and diverse techniques.

Mr Lear started by working on student’s reaction speed through some technical blocking drills, this included lots of defensive kicking. After this, the session moved onto performing patterns “in a box”. This is a complex way to perform patterns on the spot to develop memory, reaction and plyometric ability. Students also got the opportunity to perform patterns against attackers helping to develop their understanding of each movement.

DSC_2298Mr Stuart Arroyo taught the sparring session where they concentrated on movement drills to begin with, lots of competitive sparring drills for the children and some sparring.

The adults also did lots of sparring drills, which included low line sweeps to catch the opponent off guard. This was finished off with some sparring to put the drills into practice.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the students who took part in the seminar, all the parents for taking the time to come and support and of course the instructors who gave up their time to put on this event.

The Instructors on the day were, Mr Philip Lear 6th Dan, Mr Tim Dunn 5th Dan, Mr Steve Bourne 4th Dan, Mr Stuart Arroyo 4th Dan and Ms Cassandra Bednall 3rd Dan.

The annual Vision seminar is a free seminar put on every year for it’s members and focusses on some of the elements of Taekwon-Do that we don’t always have time to cover in classes.

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