UK Open Report

10859501214_a80b49f931_oOn the 9th and 10th November the UKTA hosted their annual UK Open Championships in Guildford, Surrey.

The Saturday got underway with the black belt categories and the juniors were first up. Due to the World Championships only 2 weeks before, Vision took a smaller team of black belts but still did well in the medals. It was the usual suspects doing well with Tim and Dan Lobley and Josh Wadey from Redhill, Adissa Pickett and Michael Davison from Crowborough, Elliot Lister from Tonbridge and Luke Thompson from Tunbridge Wells. But for a first time in the Veteran black belt categories we had Denny Temba from Hastings and Nik Naylor from Tonbridge.

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The Sunday was saved for the colour belts and we had a lot of competitors from Crowborough, Hastings, Redhill, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield. There are far too many to go into detail but there is a list of medals below. Special mention to Evie Eason-Warner who won 3 gold medals and is sure to be crowned with the overall title. .


Luke Thompson gold sparring, silver patterns
Nik Naylor bronze sparring
Denny Temba bronze sparring
Elliot Lister gold patterns
Tim Lobley gold sparring
Josh Wadey gold sparring
Dan Lobley Silver sparring
Addisa Pickett silver sparring
Michael Davison bronze sparring

Amy Rowe gold patterns, silver sparring
Evie Eason-Warner gold patterns, gold sparring, gold special technique
Isobel Eason-Warner gold sparring
10859393696_b54b675d34_oZack Judah gold sparring, bronze special technique
Wendy Rowe gold in power, bronze sparring
Martyn Rowe bronze patterns, bronze sparring
Gavin Smith bronze sparring
Richard Poole bronze sparring
Aran Judah gold sparring
Omar Elhalwagy bronze sparring
Louis Slavik bronze sparring
Katie Moon bronze sparring
Ellena Lobley silver patterns
Ethan Stopps bronze patterns
Katja Hazelden bronze patterns
Luke Skippon gold patterns, gold sparring
Jake Rutherford silver sparring
James McCourt bronze sparring
Tamsin Jermyn silver sparring
Otis Waghorn bronze sparring, gold special technique
Ben Rutherford gold sparring
Lewis Brett silver sparring
Noah Bateman bronze sparring
Louis Pyne silver sparring
Finlay Armstrong bronze pattern
Jade Grunwell bronze sparring
Callum Tickner bronze sparring
Julie Bamford bronze sparring
Gavin Wallace silver sparring
Mike Rutherford gold sparring
Alan Soutar gold sparring
Suz Stopps silver sparring
Stephanie Lambert bronze sparring
Joe Palmer bronze pattern

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Thanks to Mr Lear, Mr Dunn, Mr Thompson, Mr Naylor, Mr Lister, Mr D Lobley, Mr T Lobley and Mr Weston for coaching and to Mr Bourne for refereeing both days.

Photos courtesy of Mr T and Martyn Rowe (there aren’t many because we were competing or coaching, so if you have some please send them in).

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