Patterns seminar

DSC_2427On the 22nd June Vision TKD hosted it’s first patterns seminar in Crowborough, East Sussex. Mr Lear conducted the seminar, helped by Mr Thompson and Mr Bourne. The day started at 9 o’clock with the colour belts session. This was open to black belts but the focus was on the first 9 grade patterns. After a quick warm up Mr Lear started by focussing on some fundamental principles. Initially students practiced punching and blocking, concentrating on the preparation phase, timing, reaction and finishing position. Everything seems so simple but even a walking stance middle punch has many parts to it.

After some exercises the students got to watch as one person demonstrated a pattern, it was corrected by the group and then everyone got to practice the pattern, putting together everything they had been told. Once the students had reached their highest pattern they then went and focussed on these with Mr Bourne or Mr Thompson. Due to the sheer depth that Mr Lear was going into the 2 hours became 3 so that all the patterns could be covered.

The black belts were given a quick break before continuing with the degree tuls. Students and instructors practiced specific exercising relating the 1st degree patterns before practicing each one. As the first and second degrees finished those who are taking part in the instructor course in July spent time teaching each other the fundamental moves from the VTA syllabus, practicing their teaching techniques. During which the senior grades continued with the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th degree patterns.

It was a long day that covered many different elements of the patterns. Many thanks to Mr Lear for conducting the seminar and to Mr Thompson and Mr Bourne for assisting. The next seminar that we have planned is with Master Jedut in September.

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