Master Jedut Seminar

 On the 21st September Vision Taekwon-Do Association hosted it’s first guest seminar. VTA invited Master Jerzy Jedut from Poland to conduct the days seminars. Master Jedut is the world renowned ex-national team coach, AETF secretary general, vice-president of the Polish Taekwon-Do Association and chief instructor of MKS Lewart Lebartow. In total there were 120 people taking part including many members of the national team and the coaching staff.




The day started at 9am with the under 12 year olds session. Master Jedut got things off to a fun filled start with lots of great warm up games and activities. Even the VTA instructors got involved pushing, pulling and being caught in belt lasso’s! The kids didn’t get a chance to relax as the Master got them doing some simple sparring movement drills before moving on to leg strengthening exercises and then some technical work. The kids especially seemed to enjoy the sped up and backwards patterns as well as doing patterns with your legs tied together. The session finished with a development on the sparring movements and a group photo.

Master Jedut barely stopped for a break before commencing the 13+ colour belt group. Rather than repeat the exercises from the younger session the students were put through a barrage of sparring movement drills, before applying them to the kick shields. After a short break Master Jedut got everyone doing some leg strengthening work against the wall. He stressed the importance of correct foot and body position to avoid injury. Then the students, when they thought that their bodies could do no more worked on fundamental exercises and patterns.

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After a very short break the 3rd and final session started, focussing on red belts and above. Master Jedut had a lot that he wanted to cover and suggested that the session would overrun. So we got straight into the movement exercises. Then everyone put their gloves and worked on lots of punching drills – there were a lot of red noses by the end of it. Master Jedut wanted everyone to focus on distance and getting your opponent into your range. Then everyone put all their sparring equipment on and did more complicated exercises, working on moving from punching range into kicking range. True to his word, the session kept going for nearly an extra hour, just as people bodies were beginning to tire we moved on to kickshield work. Before we knew it the session was over, much to Master Jedut’s annoyance as he still had many things that he wanted to do.

Vision would like to thank Master Jedut for all his hard work and enthusiasm. We would also like to thank all the students who attended and helped make it such a fun day and the instructors who helped with the junior sessions and in particular Mr Arroyo who demonstrated nearly all of the exercises with 100% effort.

Click here to see more photos (courtesy of Mike Barnes, Martyn Rowe and Luke Thompson).

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