London Open report


On the 14th July Vision TKD took a small team to the London Open. This year we had special guests from Vision Malaysia with us as they were visiting on their way to the World Championships. Well done to the following who all got medals:
Addisa Pickett
Conor Woodbridge
Daniel Lobley
Ellena Lobley
Jack Woods
Joshua Whitlock
Karen Thorns
Lewis Brett
Lyonel Tan
Michael Davison
Nathan Higgins
Otis Waghorn
Siew Moi Hee
Stephanie Lambert
Tamsin Jermyn
Tim Lobley
Tom Davies
William Shepperson
Ghythri Silvanasaan
Louis Slavik
Max Slavik
Aaron Judah
Todd Gillespie
Sarah Budd
Luke Thompson

It was great to have Senior Master Tan over from Malaysia watching the Vision competitors. Many thanks to Mr Lear, Mr Lyonel Tan and Mr Thompson for coaching.

If the medal successes weren’t enough, some of the junior boys had competed the previous day at the PUMA British Championships in Swindon. Here are those results:
Tom Davies Gold Pattern, Gold Sparring, Silver Team Sparring
Tim Lobley Silver Pattern, Silver Sparring, Silver Team Sparring
Dan Lobley Silver Sparring, Silver Team Sparring
Calvin Kong Bronze Pattern, Bronze Sparring
Michael Davison Silver Team Sparring
Lyonel Gold Pattern
Gythri Gold Sparring
Siew Moi Hee Bronze Pattern, Bronze Sparring











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