IIC in Belgium

20131123_084325~01~01On the 22nd and 23rd November the ITF held the 88th international instructors course in Oostende, Belgium. Five instructors from Vision took part in the course ( Mr Hewlett, Mr Chesterman, Mr Lear, Mr Thompson and Mr Bourne). The course was spilt into two parts, 1st-3rd degrees and 4th and above with the technical committee (GM Marano, GM Lan and GM Bos) each teaching different elements to both groups. 

The sessions covered the technical content and  standardisation of all the patterns, warm up and stretching exercises, pattern application, step sparring, free sparring,  traditional sparring and self defence.

DSC_6867-001 DSC_6871-001

The course gave everyone a chance to ask the grand masters for clarifications on the patterns as well as a good opportunity for the instructors to share ideas and opinions.

Many thanks to the ITF and the Belgian organisers for hosting the iic. The next one is in Dublin in May.

ITF England with the Grand Masters and Masters.
ITF England with the Grand Masters and Masters.



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