Hosinsul seminar

DSC_1744On the 20th April, Vision Taekwon-Do Association hosted its first Hosinsul seminar. Forty students from Crowborough, Tonbridge, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells, Fareham and Cranbrook took part. Mr Bourne conducted the 3 hour seminar and split it into 3 parts. The first hour focussed on unarmed, close quarter defence. Students learnt multiple ways of dealing with choke holds and swinging punches including arm and wrist locks and some hip and shoulder throws.


In the second hour students practiced some stick against stick work and then unarmed stick defence. For the final hour everyone learned to develop the techniques against a stick to work against a knife. The session flew by and everyone commented on how much was covered and how enjoyable it was. Next we have the patterns seminar in June to look forward to.

DSC_1761 DSC_1738


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