English Open results

On 16th March Vision TKD entered many students into the UKTA English Open. Many thanks to Mr Bourne for refereeing, Mr Lear and Mr Dunn for coaching and to the other supporters who helped to coach.

Here is a list of all the medal winners.


Lewis Early – Bronze Senior Male 1st Degree Patterns

Angus White – Silver Junior sparring

Evie Eason-Warner – Gold junior green belt sparring, Silver green belt patterns.

Isobel Eason-Warner – Gold junior red belt sparring, Gold in red belt patterns.

Amy Rowe – Gold junior Blue belt sparring.

George Rowe – Silver junior red belt patterns, Bronze in red belt sparring.

Ayman Elhalwagy – Silver Junior red belt sparring, Bronze in red patterns.

Katie Moon – Silver junior blue belt sparring.

Sophie Darling – Gold junior red belt sparring, Bronze in red belt patterns.

Omar Elhalwagy – Silver junior red belt patterns.

Martyn Rowe – Silver Senior blue belt patterns.

Wendy Rowe – Silver senior green belt sparring, Bronze green belt patterns.

Michael Darling – Bronze Senior black belt sparring.

Sarah Budd – Silver Senior Female Red Belt Patterns, Bronze Senior Female Sparring

Tom Davies – Gold Junior Black Belt Patterns, Gold Junior Black Belt Sparring

Michael Davison – Bronze Junior Black Belt Patterns, Silver Junior Black Belt Sparring

Dan Lobley – Gold Junior Black Belt Sparring

Tim Lobley – Gold Junior Black Belt Sparring

Joshua Wadey – Gold Junior Black Belt Sparring

Nathan Higgins – Gold Senior Yellow Belt Patterns

Nick Edmunds – Gold Veteran Black Belt Power Test

Aaron Pyne – Silver Junior Male Sparring

Ellena Lobley – Silver Junior Female Sparring

Lewis Brett – Gold Junior Sparring, Gold Junior Special Technique

Joshua Whitlock – Bronze Junior Sparring

Otis Waghorn – Gold Junior Sparring

Lee Higgins – Bronze Senior Yellow and Green Sparring

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