Celtic Cup report

At the crack of dawn on the 29th June, a not so merry band of Vision TKD instructors, students and parents made the long trip to Wales for the Celtic Cup. In total 17 competitors from Crowborough, Redhill and Tunbridge Wells took part in the Welsh championships and brought back 8 golds, 9 silvers and 7 bronzes and came third in the overall medal table.


Many thanks to Mr Edmunds for refereeing all day, Mr Lear for refereeing and coaching and Mr Thompson and Mr Daniel Lobley for helping with the coaching.


Luke Thompson – silver sparring, bronze patterns
Stacey Crouch – gold patterns, silver sparring
Daniel Lobley – gold sparring
Tim Lobley – bronze patterns, gold sparring
Tom Davies – silver patterns, gold sparring
Calvin Kong – bronze sparring
Michael Davison – silver sparring
Sarah Budd – silver patterns, bronze sparring
Jack Smith – silver patterns
Otis Waghorn – gold sparring
Joshua Whitlock – bronze sparring
Ben Rutherford – bronze sparring
James McCourt – gold sparring
Jade Grunwell – bronze patterns, silver sparring
Lee Higgins – silver sparring
Nathan Higgins – gold patterns, gold sparring
Christian Miles – silver patterns

DSC_2523 photo-(1) photo-(4)

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